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  • Åland Maritime Academy (Finland) Experiences

    Posted on by erik

    The experiences of INTERMAR from the Åland Islands are encouraging, although there is room for improvements of course. The students welcomed the INTERMAR philosophy and about 30 percent of them had studied a fourth foreign language, in addition to English and Finnish (not foreign but very different from their native language). Here is a part of the students (having played paintball):

  • Presentation of an Article about Intermar

    Posted on by erik

    Filomena Capucho, PhD, presented her article entitled “ L’Intercompréhension – un nouvel atout dans le monde professionnel” at the IC2012 conference in Grenoble in France in June 2012. It is now possible to read the whole article HERE (in French).

  • Intermar courses launched

    Posted on by erik

    The Intermar 3-credit module is being tested from December 2012 till May 2013 at the eight maritime and naval academies. The learning is blended (meaning that students work in class with a teacher and outside of class individually or in small groups with or without Internet connection).

    The materials have been produced by the language teachers and experts of the consortium. It is available to all participants at the collaborative platform of Sorbonne 3 in Paris. The students are also producing presentation materials of themselves in their own languages (light version) as an INTERCOMPREHENSION appetizer for their fellow students in the other countries – and as a starting point for getting to know each other.

  • Newsletter October

    Posted on by erik

    The first INTERMAR Newsletter was issued in October. Read it here!

  • An INTERMAR workshop

    Posted on by erik

    An INTERMAR workshop was presented by Alison Noble of the Antwerp Maritime Academy at the IMEC-24 (the International maritime English Conference) in Yangon, Myanmar in October. Read the paper here!

    Or here: The proceedings of the conference.

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