Press Release: INTERMAR Launch in Lisbon on Sept 20-21, 2013


Launch of INTERMAR, a multi-language tool for maritime and naval cadets

INTERMAR is the creative result of an 18-month EU project. Basing their work on previous research and similar projects, partners from 18 universities, including 9 maritime and/or naval academies, have produced a training package intended to FACILITATE UNDERSTANDING OF FOREIGN (EUROPEAN) LANGUAGES.

The method used in INTERMAR is known as “intercomprehension”. The materials, designed for future seafarers, focus on maritime themes, mainly on aspects of work on board. INTERMAR’s purpose is to enhance communication on board at a personal and intercultural level and to contribute to an understanding of life on board and in port.

English is the language of the sea but it is recognized that levels of competence in English on board may continue to vary for a long time to come. In the meantime, INTERMAR will train students to use skills of intercomprehension when confronted with different forms of communication in a foreign language. Through use of linguistic similarities and other strategies INTERMAR builds on a cadet’s inherent willingness to understand, thus opening doors to understanding.

During the launch, which will take place at the Escola Naval in Lisbon, Portugal, on September 20-21, the INTERMAR modules will be introduced; producers of the material and students involved in piloting the modules will present the content in showcase form.


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