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We have now piloted all the materials and launched the module officially at the Launching Event in Lisbon in September 2013. We have now started using them at the naval and maritime academies. We are happy to announce that we are now giving it away for free to those who want to test it – as we think the best way to learn languages there is!

Please go to these pages for details of the process and to examine some of the academic papers that the project members have written:

Development process and piloting of the module

Academic papers

Slide shows (PPT and Prezi)

Since the launch we’re gathering information on how INTERMAR has been received by the students and the institutions. We’re comparing how the module has been implemented in order to fit into the different educational systems and cultures.

Go to the following pages for more details of how this pioneering language learning module has been produced in the partner institutions:

Åland Maritime Academy (of the Åland UAS) in Finland

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