The Intermar module is divided into seven sections. Each participating school is supposed to concentrate on two of the elective sections (5, 6, and 7) in addition to the three mandatory sections (1, 2, and 3). (See more under each tab.) In addition the Portfolio is presented here, as well as Teachers’ Guidelines, intended for language teachers wishing to try Intercomprehension strategies in her/his teaching.

1. Icebreaker (an introduction to intercomprehension) – mandatory

2. Interproduction (speaking/writing in a simple way so others can understand you) – mandatory

3. Intercultural Communication - mandatory

4. Maritime English

5. Germanic intercomprehension (Dutch, German, English, and Swedish)

6. Baltic/Russian intercomprehension (Russian, Latvian, Lithuanian)

7. Romance intercomprehension (Portuguese, Spanish, French, Italian, Romanian – and English)

8. Portfolios

9. Guidelines for teachers

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