Development process and piloting of the module

In 2013-14 INTERMAR will be running at full speed

That means that the various naval and maritime academies will present the course to their student in a fashion which is based on the experiences of the piloting of the module, which took place last year, see more below! The stages of the development work are presented below the piloting (scroll down!).

Piloting of the sections/materials

INTERMAR is/was used for the first time between December 2012 and May 2013, see the table below! The experiences of the teaching/learning during this period will be evaluated and discussed at a work meeting in June (in Paris). Then the materials will be revised and re-launched at the Final Event in Lisbon in September 2013, to which representatives of all European Maritime and Naval Academies are invited.

Partner Institution Dates and modalities for Intermar courses
P2 AMA – Antwerp Maritime Academy 11th February – 1st April
P6 Escuela Naval de Pontevedra May 2013 (intensive, mainly face-to-face)
P7 Åland University of Applied Sciences 14th January – 12th March 2013
P8 Ecole Navale – ENGEP December – February
P12 Lithuanian Maritime Academy February – March
P14 Maritime Academy of Latvia – MAL 21st January – 21st April 2013
P16 Escola Naval 3rd – 16th January  2013(intensive, mainly face-to-face)
P17 “Mircea cel Batran” Naval Academy, Constanta December 2012 – March 2013

Development process in 2013

The development work of the sections/materials was finalised in 2013, the second year of that part of INTERMAR. These were the main stages of that process:

Work to be done Deadline
Testing of prototype sections April 30
Analysis of results June 1
External report June 1
Assessment of the sections June 30
General meeting in Paris June 13-14
Three newsletters October 30
Remake of the section September 15
Launching event in Lisbon September 20-21
Conference presentations and academic papers Ongoing

Development process in 2012

The below deadlines were met in 2012:

Work to be done Deadlines
Kick-off meeting in Viseu in Portugal January 9-11
Deadline planning document – one per workgroup February 25
Production of learning materials in the six workgroups July 15
Course producer meeting in Antwerp in Belgium March 26-27
Quality report, August 20
General meeting on the Åland Islands in Finland September 3-4
Assessment of the 6 sections September 15
Prototype modules launch September 15
E-learning platform launch (Sorbonne, Paris) September 15
Assessment of e-learning platform October 31

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