An innovative approach

Intercomprehension is an innovative approach in foreign language learning. It is based on a “natural” form of communication, mutual comprehension. Speakers of related languages, for example Scandinavian languages or Romance languages, can often understand one another. This natural ability may be transferred to the context of formal language learning in order to develop plurilingual comprehension skills in a quick and effective way.

Seafarers come into frequent contact with different languages both on board and ashore. In addition they are required to live and work with colleagues from diverse cultural backgrounds. English is the lingua franca at sea. However, as a means of bolstering effective communication, plurilingual strategies and skills must be considered a bonus. An understanding of other languages and cultures will foster better human relationships, enhance the wellbeing of the seafarer and in general prove invaluable for today’s multilingual, multi-ethnic crews.

INTERMAR encourages intercomprehension within the maritime community by offering blended 60-hour courses of uniquely designed modules focussing on intercomprehension in Romance Languages, Germanic Languages, Baltic Languages and Russian, Intercultural Awareness and Maritime English. Modules contain learning materials and collaborative tasks, many set in a maritime context. Assessment tools are provided to evaluate the learner. The courses are being piloted in 8 Naval and Maritime Academies during the academic year of 2012 – 2013.



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