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Intermar is a European Cooperation Project funded by the EU Commission’s Lifelong Learning Programme, under Key Action 2 of the Transversal Programme. The project aims at creating a European community of naval and maritime institutions that share an intercomprehension approach to foreign languages.


The project period is from November 2011 until October 2013. The outcome of the project – the 3 ECTS credit Higher Education learning module – is to be used for at least three years more – and hopefully much longer. It is implemented at eight naval and maritime academies for 30 students a year per academy for four years. It is the aspiration that the modules and materials that will be published at this website will be used by many many more thanks to the high efficiency and the many advantages of the methods used.

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Tool Box

INTERMAR makes available both already existing materials and new adapted products to create an effective course tool box, available online on a learning platform (managed by Sorbonne 3 in Paris). In this platform, teachers and learners find custom-designed courses for Intercomprehension (IC) and Maritime English, as well as concrete activities to be performed both by synchronous and asynchronous distance education working groups, autonomous learning tasks and assessment tools.

The project will implement blended courses in the participating maritime and naval academies where these tools will be used and tested. Full dissemination of the results will promote the use of the “tool box” in formal contexts of maritime training.

Target Group

Intermar will promote innovative practices in foreign language acquisition for maritime professionals in Europe, in the context of initial or in-service training activities offered to navy personnel and seafarers.

The target group of Intermar is composed by adult learners who follow initial or in-service training in naval and maritime schools and academies in PT, FR, BE, FI, LT, LV, ES, and RO.  Since at least 30 students will follow the Intermar course in each institution, the minimum total of people that will be directly reached is 180 per year.

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