General meeting in Paris, June 13-14, 2013

The 4th work meeting of Dissemination Conference organized by Université de Sorbonne Nouvelle on the 12th of June. That event took place in the Grand Amphitheatre of the Institut du monde Anglophone, where the great actress Sarah Bernard was born and where Marat was painted by David. Many of us who work with Intermar presented and participated in the event – so there are pictures of that in the gallery below as well.

In the two days to come we worked at the Sorbonne Nouvelle with our materials. First we reviewed feedback from the piloting of the module at the maritime and naval academies. The the work groups convened to discuss what changes to implement in the materials of each of the seven sections. This was presented in plenary sessions the second day and discussed further. Our auditors gave their feedback as well and finally the launching event was planned.

Below is a selection of pictures from the three days in Paris. More pictures can be seen HERE.


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