5. Germanic intercomprehension (Dutch, German, English, and Swedish)

LINKS TO THE MATERIALS BELOW! The North-western European languages form the Germanic family of languages. Thanks to the fact that English has become a world-wide language, more than a billion people is familiar with this family of languages. Hence it is not difficult to start to make sense of the other languages of this family. In addition to English the languages are:

1. German with some 100 million speakers, mainly in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland

2. Dutch with some 30 million speakers in Holland, Belgium, the West Indies, and South Africa (Afrikaans)

3. Swedish with 10 million speakers in Sweden and Finland, understood by many people in Norway and Denmark

4. Norwegian (5 million), Danish (6 million), and Icelandic (0.5 million)

The materials in Germanic Languages are:

Gestrand in Antwerpen: Dutch scenario + Lootsgelden + Scheldekrant

What’s the matter with the first mate? Medical English scenario

Willkommen in Wilhelmshaven:  German scenario

Maiden voyage with M/V Bore Sea: Swedish scenario (9 MB)

One day in Mariehamn: Swedish scenario + photos

Erasmus Planning: Multilingual scenario

Transversal Module: Multilingual scenario

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