6. Baltic/Russian intercomprehension (Russian, Latvian, Lithuanian)

LINKS TO THE MATERIALS BELOW! The Baltic/Russian section includes Russian, Latvian, and Lithuanian. The two latter make up the Baltic Languages family whereas Russian is the biggest language of the Slavic family of languages.

Latvian is spoken by some 1.5 million people in Latvia and Lithuanian by some 3 million in Lithuania. Russian is the first and second language of more than 260 million in Europe and Asia, mainly in the former Soviet Union area.

The Baltic/Russian section of INTERMAR contains the following tasks and activities (as links):

Breaking Russian Ice: Scenario

Ice-hockey Fans in Riga: Latvian scenario

Working on a Luxury Yacht: Scenario

Racing through the Baltic States: Scenario

Sochi Adventures: Scenario + screenshots

Sochi Olympics 2014: Scenario

Stuck in Palanga: Lithuanian scenario


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