7. Romance intercomprehension (Portuguese, Spanish, French, Italian, Romanian – and English)

LINKS to the study materials BELOW! The Romance languages section of INTERMAR include the five national languages Portuguese, Spanish, French, Italian, Romanian.

Portuguese is spoken by some 240 million speakers in Portugal, Brazil, Mozambique, Angola, Guinea Bissau and São Tomé e Principe as well as some parts of Asia.

Spanish is spoken by nearly 500 million speakers out of which 400+ million are native speakers.

French is spoken by some 300 million people out of which 110 million are native speakers.

Italian is spoken by some 85 million people in the world.

Romanian is spoken by some 28 million in Romania, Moldova and in a part of Serbia.

English shares many features with the Romance languages since more than half of the English vocabulary is of Latin origin (via French).

The materials to the Romance languages section is downloadable from these links:

La drague (Chatting someone up): Scenario + Conseils 1 + Conseils 2 + Drague ou non + Italiens champions + Recherché informations + Réussites échecs

Erasmus Planning: Scenario + Learning agreement + Maritime schools + Naval schools

Gastronomy: Scenario

Hiking: Scenario + Pistoia

Language Mini-portraits: Catalan + French + Italian + Portuguese + Romanian+ Spanish

Navigation Classes: Scenario + Spain + Portugal + Romania

Roundabout of Languages: for Romance speakers + for others + texts

Sea Songs: Scenario + Lyrics + Karaoke




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